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Al Maxwell, DN, DAc is a doctor of naprapathy and doctor of acupuncture dry needling.  The first MaxWelllness clinic in Alabama was opened in Daphne and has relocated to its new location in Huntsville. All care is by donation and there is never a fee! Barter and canned food donation are appreciated to help the needy in our community.  This continues his non-profit work as a Christian missionary for ten years in Africa, South America and Asia.


Dr. Maxwell completed his naprapathic training in Stockholm, Sweden and acupuncture dry needling training throughout the United States, graduating from one of the top colleges of acupuncture and natural medicine in the country on the West coast.  He continued his studies working as a year long resident intern at two integrative Asian medicine hospitals in Hong Kong, China and Seoul, Korea.  He has been in practice since 1994 and has worked with patients of all ages including famous celebrities and world class athletes.  He has studied with many of the top doctors of acupuncture dry needling in the world and has been a professor, author, NIH researcher and clinical supervisor at three acupuncture dry needling colleges in the US.

Dr. Maxwell brings together the best of modern evidence based connective tissue therapies and combines it with the holistic approach of Classical Asian Medicine.  He is the founder of the Dharma Dao Center, an institute and clinic in Huntsville, AL for the study and practice of Classical Asian healing arts and Eastern philosophy in the promotion of optimal holistic well-being.  The center provides a low-cost community clinic and classes in qigong, hatha yoga, meditation and healthy living.  His life work is focused on cultivating body postive practices as a naturalist and integrates those elements into his healing arts.  His time at the Esalen Institute shaped his perspective.

As an avid active outdoor athlete throughout his life, Dr. Maxwell understands the mobility and wellness concerns of his patients of any age or ability.  He provides a variety of therapies to address injuries, pain and functional movement issues with a specialization in acupuncture dry needling.  He promotes the use of regular acupuncture in support of a healthy and balanced life in our stress filled world.

Other therapies he uses include:  Cold Laser - PhotoBioModulation (PBM), Traditional Fire Cupping (wet and dry techniques), Graston - guasha (scraping technique), Ultrasound and Shockwave Therapies, Functional Integrative Nutrition, Classical Asian Medicine (herbal formulas) along with Naprapathy (manual connective tissue therapy and structural neuromuscular alignment).


Acupuncture and Dry Needling
for Optimal Movement, Healing and Wellness


Image by Katherine Hanlon
Image by Katherine Hanlon
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