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Dr. Maxwell has a long history of seeking out the best care to help his team members and himself recover from athletic training, injuries and enhance peak performance with increased energy throughout his career as an elite runner and triathlete.  He understands the needs of the aging population that desires to be active and vital into their 70's and beyond.  Anti-aging and wellness as we grow older is a huge focus of his practice.  Keeping active and moving is the key to aging gracefully.

The therapies Dr. Maxwell provides include acupuncture dry needling, cupping, cold laser therapy and naprapathy.  They can be great tools for treating pain while enhancing optimal health and well-being.

Call him today and ask how he can help you feel your best!

  • DN (Doctor of Naprapathy) 

As a doctor of naprapathy, the focus of treatment is addressing the soft tissue of the body that pulls, impinges and restricts proper movement and circulation. It is fascia that ultimately controls the alignment of the spine and joints.  A naprapath is a connective tissue specialist that addresses mobility, pain and health concerns by focusing treatment on muscles, tendons, ligaments and the fascia that overlays every structure of our body including our organs, nerves and blood vessels.  Fascia is the physical structure that creates the substantive framework that explains meridian pathways identified in acupuncture.  The body is a bio-electric system and fascia is the highway for that energy to flow.  Naprapathy is truly a holistic healing practice that also includes nutritional and botanical supplements as a part of the integrative functional medicine approach for each patient and their unique needs.

As an acupuncture doctor, Dr. Maxwell completed a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and nutrition then five plus years of graduate college education to obtain the Doctor of Acupuncture degree including thousands of hours with clinical internships.  Dr. Maxwell's training has taken him around the United States, Asia and Europe for clinical experience and clinical mentorships.  During his education many different styles of modern and classical needling techniques were studied.  Dr. Maxwell is an expert of dry needling acupuncture and has trained medical doctors and osteopractors throughout the United States and Europe in Classical Acupuncture and Modern Dry Needling styles.

  • DAc (Doctor of Acupuncture Dry Needling)

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